UPDATE: 09 May 2012

Dear readers,

We are happy to announce that we will post an expanded edition of one of the chapters/topics from Book 3 on the 13th May 2012.  The short version of the expanded edition of the OWS section of ‘The “Disappearing” Middle Class’ is available for FREE to read under the “Monthly Publication”. The book “YOU DON’T REPRESENT US – ANSWERING OCCUPY WALL STREET”, which is the full version of this free web publication with more illustrations, more topics and case studies, will be available for download in Kindle from June 1 – June 5 2012, also FOR FREE.  Then it will be on sale for $2.99.

We will post a new topic on the 10th – 15th of each month. Some will be long and some will be short. Almost all will be FREE for reading on this site for unlimited time. A few chosen publications will be made available in Kindle.  We will give free Kindle download of those publications and announce the dates here at our website.

Please drop by to check our publications, as interesting topics that are not covered or complete lies will be debunked and discussed.

Thank you for your support.