UPDATE: 29th Dec 2012

Dear readers,

To those who have downloaded our book, You Don’t Represent Us – Answering Occupy Wall Street for free during the Christmas promotion, we hope you enjoy reading the book and learn many new things.  To those who missed it, don’t worry, get it in the next round which we will announce here.  So stay tuned!

Finally after a really long and hard few months, we manage to publish our monthly publications which were put on hold due to our work loads.  So, for December we take a break from those economic questions and present to you a simple engineering “conundrum” to ponder; The Air Cooler “Conundrum”.  This was a simple and interesting piece of question that should be asked by consumer before buying any “gadget” promising of “beyond belief” returns.

The January article is almost ready and should be up by New Year’s eve.

Even if this new year looks bleak, always remember that with knowledge one will overcome all odds, so Don’t Give Up!