UPDATE: 4th October 2013

Dear Readers,

We were not able to post a new publication for the past two months, because one of us is now busy with a new book.  We have let the article on the gold chapter from book 3 of the series available for reading up till now as a bonus since there is no new publication posted.  The post will be up until the 15th of October and the links will be disabled afterwards, so for those who haven’t got the chance to read it, you can still have a go at it.

Unfortunately the new book is not in English, however a translated version of an exciting  part from the new book will be published in English next week and we will update this blog with the links to it.

For this month, enjoy a new conundrum solved in  a new video presentation on “Illusion of Money Gushing In And Out Of The Stock Market”.   Do download them HERE.

Thank you and we hope you never stop learning!

The Authors