UPDATE: 6th March 2014

Dear Readers,

A lot has happened since we published our first book in 2011.  We have accomplished some of our dreams and we have shared what we know to help people lead a happy and productive lives.  People and the media love to sensationalize bad and negative news but seldom sensationalize the good news.  Progress takes time and the effects are not immediate, but death, famine, disease or war is quick and the mainstream news would be quick to gobble it up.  Remember the coverage of a terrorist attack in Boston?  But do anyone remember or even seen the news on children without education who are now receiving education?

So in the site’s new article, we would like to share a piece of good news, written by philanthropist billionaire, Bill Gates through his foundation’s annual letter.  We chose to use his own writings, because we could have not said it any better.  His letter should push all of  us to work for the betterment of society.

Happy reading!