UPDATE: 2nd October 2014

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Our new publication is now available for reading and download HERE.

All of our books are now available for access via Kindle Unlimited, which means you can read any of the 4 books for FREE if you have subscribed for the service from Amazon.com.  This promotion will be only for a limited time and we will pull our books out in a few months.  So, this is your chance to read them for FREE.

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UPDATE: 6th March 2014

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A lot has happened since we published our first book in 2011.  We have accomplished some of our dreams and we have shared what we know to help people lead a happy and productive lives.  People and the media love to sensationalize bad and negative news but seldom sensationalize the good news.  Progress takes time and the effects are not immediate, but death, famine, disease or war is quick and the mainstream news would be quick to gobble it up.  Remember the coverage of a terrorist attack in Boston?  But do anyone remember or even seen the news on children without education who are now receiving education?

So in the site’s new article, we would like to share a piece of good news, written by philanthropist billionaire, Bill Gates through his foundation’s annual letter.  We chose to use his own writings, because we could have not said it any better.  His letter should push all of  us to work for the betterment of society.

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UPDATE: 29th December 2013

Finally, the article on the case study of the Indian Rupee’s value and their citizen purchases of gold is published.  This is not a full article as it is from a newly published book by one of us which was written in another language.  Those who believe that gold is the ultimate store of value, that it is a good currency and so forth should read and understand the big impact of hoarding useless metals in vaults not only to them but to the whole economy.  Not only this activity would have an adverse effect on the buyers but it will ultimately ruin the country as well.


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Update: 24th Oct 2013

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An article on gold, titled “Why Gold is Damaging to the World’s Economy”  has been posted HERE by Sharif Rahman , our co-author of the 259 Trillion Vs 5 Trillion book series (The link will take you to an outside blog).  To those who want the usual downloadable pdf copy, please wait until we post a more complete version of the article next month in our monthly publication page.   Also, the free gold related chapter from Book 3 of the series has been read by many readers and is now removed and “back into the book”.   It was given out in light of requests for info on the gold market and movements by many people.   Do send us your thoughts using our contact from or by email.
Book 1 of the series will be available for free download from Amazon.com for Kindle from 28th to 30th October 2013.  This is a great way to start your read of the series. Book 1 was designed to be very simple to read but there is one extremely important confusion that would be debunked.   If you read it, don’t miss it!

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UPDATE: 4th October 2013

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We were not able to post a new publication for the past two months, because one of us is now busy with a new book.  We have let the article on the gold chapter from book 3 of the series available for reading up till now as a bonus since there is no new publication posted.  The post will be up until the 15th of October and the links will be disabled afterwards, so for those who haven’t got the chance to read it, you can still have a go at it.

Unfortunately the new book is not in English, however a translated version of an exciting  part from the new book will be published in English next week and we will update this blog with the links to it.

For this month, enjoy a new conundrum solved in  a new video presentation on “Illusion of Money Gushing In And Out Of The Stock Market”.   Do download them HERE.

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The Authors


Dear readers,

This month we wrote about why interest free banking does not work.  This is clearly a very “hot” topic because nobody likes paying that extra “money” on his or her loans.  However, for the privilege of having to use other people’s money, borrowers must understand the logic and mathematics behind interest payment.  This article just scratches the surface of the banking system which we wrote in details in our three books series especially in Book 2 where we explained the truth about fractional reserve banking and other aspects of money.  Do pick up the books from Amazon.com if you are interested in managing your money and your future.  Stop listening to sensational writers who usually use people’s anger to promote their doom and gloom prophecy.

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UPDATE: 28th June 2013

As promised, we have posted the whole chapter of one of the many topics in Book 3 of the series.  There are a total of 31-pages available for you to read for a limited time only (until end of July).  We have chosen ” Another Take At Gold” as the price of gold has dropped to below 1200USD as of today, which in fact what we have written in our book where it could be stable at until other factors start to change.  As to why gold price is how it is, well you have to read it yourself.

Do take this opportunity to read this free chapter, as this is only available until end of July.

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UPDATE: 29th May 2013

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Our monthly publication for the month of May regarding the difference between Wall Street and Main Street growth rate, has just been posted.  This article is packed with plenty of graphics and split into multiple pages for faster loading.  Have fun reading it because you will never look at the Dow the same way ever again!

For next month, we will post a whole chapter from one of our books, so check back at this site as usual.  We will post the chapter for a limited time only, for the whole month.

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Our monthly article for the month of April is now online.  The publication title is ‘Why the massive injection of money (QE) did not cause inflation‘ and is 20-pages long.   The hyper inflation predicted by the doom and gloom economists never did come true.  America did not go the way of Zimbabwe.  So why did the multiple QEs have little effect on prices in the economy?  Well, head on here and read about it.

For those who have downloaded our books during last month promotion, we hope you have enjoyed reading them.

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UPDATE: 24 March 2013

March publication – If You Are Terrified of Buying Stocks, Read This [Part 2] is now online.  In Part 1, we explained the basic workings of a stock ownership, and we mentioned the benefits of owning them.  In this month’s publication, we show the proof.  We performed an analysis of the DJIA.   Apart from reading it here, you can also download the pdf version of this month’s 17-pages publication.

As promised,  we are announcing the promo date for Book 1- The Conundrum of Assets & Money today.  Get your free copy of the Kindle edition starting on 26th March – 27th March [Eastern Standard Time].

Stay tuned for Book 2 date as we will only give it for one day only!

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