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Another Dow30 component company is International Business Machine (IBM). It is fondly called as the “Big Blue”. This is one of the largest technology companies in America as well as in the world.

May2013 Illustration 14

IBM operates in more than 170 countries, therefore we expect the overseas sales to be significant. Let’s check it out:

May2013 Illustration 15
Indeed, from the 104.5 billion in sales in 2012, a full 65% or 68.2 billion dollars was derived from overseas customers. Only 35% of IBM is “America”. [Don’t get us wrong, we are not saying these companies are not “American” companies, we are saying that they are making more from overseas than in America itself.]

May2013 Illustration 16
Again, a great American made company is now a true global multinational corporation. This is a great achievement by America. [and again, don’t get us wrong, since IBM is now a full multinational, a lot of its talent and achievements are made by others from outside of America too.]

What’s one of the many areas IBM is researching at the moment? One of the areas IBM is currently researching is bigger data storage. Now let’s take a look at some of the things they are working on:

 May2013 Illustration 17

And they are also looking at:

May2013 Illustration 18

Please keep it up IBM! The world will continue to become a better place if you keep doing these great stuffs.

Now let’s look at yet another great American company in the Dow30.

The next company is Procter & Gamble. It is a company that is very much made in America.

 May2013 Illustration 19

May2013 Illustration 20
But just how “American” is P&G at the moment?

 May2013 Illustration 21

Amazing growth isn’t it? But they are not in America, but outside.

With great execution, P&G is very profitable and made many American investors, well, rich!

May2013 Illustration 22
Their record is very impressive. Now the final tally for the overall revenue is:

May2013 Illustration 23

But apparently, P&G is not an “American” company anymore, as more of its sales are now derived from overseas. The company also announced that 70% of its profits are from overseas. Interestingly, despite growing its sales worldwide, P&G has managed to conserve resources as indicated below:

May2013 Illustration 24
What a great company! They went further and in the social landscape, they made tremendous contributions:

May2013 Illustration 25
Indeed, the world would literally be a better place if these companies continue the things that they do best, making money and improving living standards.

We have gone through four Dow30 companies and all of them are having sales more from overseas than in America itself. The nagging question now, just how many of the Dow30 are actually “American” company still? And who is the most ‘Un-American” and who is the most “American” of all? We will answer all these questions, but first, we want to illustrate and explain the impact of the disconnection between the GDP growth of America and the DJIA, by going to the root, which is to the Dow30 companies themselves.

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