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Now let’s take a look at yet another Dow30 company.

American Express.

The name itself means America, so is it an “American” company still?

In 2012 alone, Amex as it is popularly known has:

May2013 Illustration 36

Amex user spent on average $15,000 per card, probably more than Visa or Mastercard.

So is it still an American company?  Take a look:

May2013 Illustration 37

Finally, a company that still earns mostly in America.  Amex made 72% of its revenue right here in America.  But for how long, we can only guess, the overseas revenue could be growing very fast (investors, take note!)

We cannot miss the largest company in America and possibly in the world too, Wal-Mart!

May2013 Illustration 38

This company’s revenue is three times that of GE.  How many workers that Wal-Mart employs? It’s 2.2 million “associates” as they are normally called.  That is more than the population of Iceland, Cyprus and many others.

May2013 Illustration 39

How many stores does Wal-Mart has?

May2013 Illustration 40

Back in 2009, Wal-Mart has more stores in the US compares to the rest of the world.  But now in 2013, Wal-Mart already has 20% more stores overseas than in America.  This could very well increase its overseas revenue by a large amount, but is Wal-Mart an American company still?

May2013 Illustration 41

Still a very American company with 71% derived from America.  But it is under threat:

Again, the growth rate of overseas sales is much higher.

May2013 Illustration 42

Since 1962, investors in Wal-Mart received more than $101 billion distributed through dividends and share repurchases.

May2013 Illustration 43

In 2012, their givings to charities surpasses the $1 billion mark.

May2013 Illustration 44

May2013 Illustration 45

The company is fast in adopting new technology, and improves on them to give the lowest possible price to their customers.

May2013 Illustration 46

Despite their growing presence and bigger sales and size:

May2013 Illustration 47

How is that possible? More stores, more sales, yet less emissions?

Again, Wal-Mart adopted technology for their benefits (and the customers too).  If you think the floor size is big, now think of the roof size, this unused space is now better utilized, more money can be made!

May2013 Illustration 48

Well, nothing is impossible!

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