UPDATE: 7th Jan 2013

We have just uploaded the free digital content for book 3 of the series,HERE.  The title of the video presentation is The Mathematics of Price and Value Determination ( And Why Gold Has No Value Whatsoever).  This is an extension of the P/E discussion in the “GDP Myth” chapter in Book 3 but can also be viewed separately.

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UPDATE: 19th October 2012

Dear readers,

We have completed a server migration recently and we were slowed down due to unexpected obstacles. And don’t forget, we’re also working full time, so there is little time to be spared between us. We hope you will like the new setup of the website and able to integrate and savor all of the books and free articles within! We uploaded a new and updated edition of Book 1 (113 pages in all) for your online preview. What you will see will be exactly the same as the printed version sold. So get a cup of coffee (or tea) and just browse and read. If you love the books, you can head on to the buy link or contact us for a free reviewer’s copy. We will keep updating the website as time permits, so please come back and check out the site once in a while.

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