UPDATE: 20 Mar 2013

Sorry for the delay in publishing March article.  We were busy with the books’ websites and finally all websites are now fully operational.  Do check around and enjoy the new design.  We also added a new contact-us page, where you could send your thoughts and also for purchasing printed books directly with us.  You could also suggest topics for subsequent monthly article.

March article would be up on 25th March 2013.

We will also be conducting Free Promo for all of our books from March 23rd until the end of the month.

The first promo is for “You Don’t Represent Us – Answering OWS” [Normal price $9.99] from 23rd to 25th March.

Check back here for the next promo date!

UPDATE: 12 March 2013

Website is partially online with only Book 3 and the spin-off book mini sites that remained offline.  Our site should be fully operational in 2 days. The site’s host just took our site offline without any notification and just caused, so we have moved to wordpress.com exclusively.

Alternatively, if you still get the forbidden message, please visit this site  until the DNS changes took effect fully.

Hope you like the new design and continue to support us.


UPDATE: 11th March 2013

Dear all,

We have just uploaded a new article and a new video presentation file for Feb 2013 publication. For those who are afraid in getting into stocks, this is the article for you. This analysis is in two parts and the next part will be uploaded by 15th March 2013 as March 2013 publication.

We will also be giving out book 2, book 3 or You Don’t Represent Us [printed version] to anybody who is willing to write a review for book 1 in Amazon.com. Your review will help other readers a chance to also spot the book. In addition, free promo of our books [Kindle Version] will start next weekend. We will announce the dates for each book on 15th March 2013. Don’t miss your chance to get your free copies.

We have reduced book 3 price from 9.99 to 4.99 for a limited time. This 493 pages [printed version] or 35MB [Kindle Version] finale is a necessary read as it is packed with various interesting topics and by reading it, you will be free from financial worries.

Finally, thank you for reading.

UPDATE: 7th Jan 2013

We have just uploaded the free digital content for book 3 of the series,HERE.  The title of the video presentation is The Mathematics of Price and Value Determination ( And Why Gold Has No Value Whatsoever).  This is an extension of the P/E discussion in the “GDP Myth” chapter in Book 3 but can also be viewed separately.

Have a good day…..

UPDATE: 1st Jan 2013

Happy New Year!

With this coming new year, we hope our readers will not be suckered into any ponzi schemes concocted by various conmen that prey on human greed.  In our newest publication, we attempt to explain why gold itself is a ponzi and why many are falling prey to it.  This topic would obviously make many gold bugs mad but the truth must be told.  These gold bugs are not rational people as shown in the video presentations.  However, to those who are afraid of the future and contemplating gold as an investment, please have a go at the several video presentations in our website and especially the two published in our January publication.  For more explanation read our books as gold was presented and discussed extensively in Book 1, 2 and 3.  Email us if you have any questions.

Do not go into ANY investment blindly.

UPDATE: 29th Dec 2012

Dear readers,

To those who have downloaded our book, You Don’t Represent Us – Answering Occupy Wall Street for free during the Christmas promotion, we hope you enjoy reading the book and learn many new things.  To those who missed it, don’t worry, get it in the next round which we will announce here.  So stay tuned!

Finally after a really long and hard few months, we manage to publish our monthly publications which were put on hold due to our work loads.  So, for December we take a break from those economic questions and present to you a simple engineering “conundrum” to ponder; The Air Cooler “Conundrum”.  This was a simple and interesting piece of question that should be asked by consumer before buying any “gadget” promising of “beyond belief” returns.

The January article is almost ready and should be up by New Year’s eve.

Even if this new year looks bleak, always remember that with knowledge one will overcome all odds, so Don’t Give Up!

UPDATE: 19th October 2012

Dear readers,

We have completed a server migration recently and we were slowed down due to unexpected obstacles. And don’t forget, we’re also working full time, so there is little time to be spared between us. We hope you will like the new setup of the website and able to integrate and savor all of the books and free articles within! We uploaded a new and updated edition of Book 1 (113 pages in all) for your online preview. What you will see will be exactly the same as the printed version sold. So get a cup of coffee (or tea) and just browse and read. If you love the books, you can head on to the buy link or contact us for a free reviewer’s copy. We will keep updating the website as time permits, so please come back and check out the site once in a while.

Thank you and have a good day!

UPDATE: 15th October 2012

We managed to move to a new server and currently overhauling the whole website for a better reader experience. All the digital FREE contents promised in the books are now fully uploaded. Head to the digital sections to download them.

The Monthly publishing pages are being uploaded and should be online soon; as well as our book site. We estimate to be fully operational on the 17th October 2012. Thank you for your patience and also for reading the book.

Also, don’t forget to review the books on Amazon.com and get a free printed copy of any of our book of your choosing as a token of appreciation for your time! This offer is limited to the first 5 reviewers (positive honest feedback) on each book.