Update: 24th Oct 2013

Dear all,

An article on gold, titled “Why Gold is Damaging to the World’s Economy”  has been posted HERE by Sharif Rahman , our co-author of the 259 Trillion Vs 5 Trillion book series (The link will take you to an outside blog).  To those who want the usual downloadable pdf copy, please wait until we post a more complete version of the article next month in our monthly publication page.   Also, the free gold related chapter from Book 3 of the series has been read by many readers and is now removed and “back into the book”.   It was given out in light of requests for info on the gold market and movements by many people.   Do send us your thoughts using our contact from or by email.
Book 1 of the series will be available for free download from Amazon.com for Kindle from 28th to 30th October 2013.  This is a great way to start your read of the series. Book 1 was designed to be very simple to read but there is one extremely important confusion that would be debunked.   If you read it, don’t miss it!

Thank you and have a wonderful Halloween.